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Lykuid’s proactive solution, in a sea of reactive approaches

Using predictive analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, Lykuid’s solution shifts the focus of engineering teams tasked with “Keeping Revenues Flowing.” Lykuid’s proactive approach is unique.

A careful review of the enterprise predictive analytics sector of the software industry reveals four large firms that are doing extremely well. Each is currently worth between $1.6 to $16.6 billion, but not one of these firms can do what Lykuid’s platform does: offer a proactive approach to issues before they occur, and provide answers far faster when they do.

Lykuid is a true game changer – not because we say it, but because our users are saying it!

Our meaningful (supervised) use of artificial intelligence and machine learning captures information from users as they use our software. Lykuid then utilizes that data to become more accurate and effective for the next user – even if the “next user” is using Lykuid in a different company.

Best of all, Lykuid works well with custom revenue-generating applications. These custom applications are of the highest priority, and are continuously becoming more complex and harder to support. It is well known that current support offerings have grossly undeserved the custom applications segment of the market. Lykuid is positioned well to address this market need now.

Most engineering support teams use multiple support software systems simultaneously to manage their Internet businesses. Lykuid was created with that in mind and designed to be as collaborative as possible. Therefore, Lykuid supplements most other solutions. Our platform can be used as a stand-alone, or may be integrated with other applications – so there’s no need to remove any existing applications or tools. Lykuid’s users appreciate this because it helps them derive value quickly from our platform. This also helps us accelerate our sales cycle.

“Lykuid allows you to find the root cause much quicker, mitigate issues more rapidly and reduce the impact on revenue.”
-Claude C.,
Thought Leader in Predictive Analytics,  Enterprise Software Development

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