The cryptocurrency ecosystem is expanding rapidly and is becoming increasingly complex.

Many companies are struggling to keep up. The ones that most need our artificial intelligence and machine learning platform are those exchanging currencies or processing payments. Some examples of these are Bittrex, Coinbase, Gemini, and

Lykuid Ensures Transaction Reliability

It’s vital that exchanges and payment processors avoid downtime. Cryptocurrency buyers, sellers and merchants, that accept forms of cryptocurrency as payment all rely on these payment processors to execute every transaction flawlessly. Even a few minutes of downtime can severely impact revenues. Worse yet, downtime can cause a cryptocurrency exchange to lose the trust of ALL of its constituents. That level of reputation damage has already proven have been a death blow to several exchanges that were otherwise very successful. Reliability is a big issue!

For Merchants –

Lykuid Keeps Revenues Flowing

Merchants – like – rely on cryptocurrency payment processors to process their payments in real time. If a payment using a cryptocurrency fails, the customer making the purchase from may lose patience and cancel their transaction, and ultimately abandon their shopping cart. then loses revenue, and possibly a customer as well.

For Exchanges –

Lykuid Keeps Revenues Flowing

Lykuid sustains cryptocurrency transactions for those merchants that now accept cryptocurrency forms of payment, and for those exchanges trading one form of cryptocurrency for another. In the massively expanding cryptocurrency ecosystem, Lykuid offers a highly effective, bullseye solution. Lykuid – keeping revenues flowing.

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