Well known advertising companies like Google and Facebook have achieved outstanding results in internet advertising. Google has used artificial intelligence and machine learning to lead the digital advertising world. More than 90% of Google’s revenues still come from ads. The key to this success is the development and deployment of advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning software.

Not all digital advertising companies have such expertise, but those that do also use it to keep their custom, revenue-generating applications running without incurring any loss of revenue. Lykuid brings advanced support expertise to any company – specifically focused to support their custom applications – a grossly underserved sector of the marketplace. For smaller companies – with limited resources for highly advanced software – Lykuid’s artificial intelligence and machine learning platform helps them support accurate, effective billing, keeping revenues flowing.

Make Every Impression Count

Advertising servers, or “ad servers” as they are called, are a constant challenge for digital advertising companies. Digital advertisers are actually software companies that are “ad focused.” All of these companies use their own, homegrown, custom revenue generating applications. These applications are a challenge to build, deploy and evolve with client requirements and changing market conditions, creating “the first support challenge.”

Advertising Agencies & Publishers Rely on Technology

Digital ad agencies spend the ad budgets provided by their clients. If the agency isn’t able to deliver the ads due to a downtime issue, they can’t bill their clients. This creates embarrassment, and client credits, and fails to achieve results for the client’s objective. This frustration is costly and all too common for agencies.

Publishers rely on advertising technology companies to service their customers. If the publisher’s ad server were to fail, it could destroy credibility with the publisher. The publisher will lose revenue, and the blame will fall on the advertising technology company.

Lykuid Keeps Advertising Revenues Flowing

Lykuid helps keep ad servers running, for advertisers, ad agencies, and publishers alike. Using Lykuid, revenues keep flowing because ads are delivered accurately, clients can be billed accurately and glitches are fixed faster.

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